Raspberry Pi B - single core 700 MHz + 512 MB RAM

The Raspberry Pi is a small computer in credit card size, which was developed in England to learn the basics of computer science (programming and hardware knowledge) to require cost-effective. Due to the many interfaces of these small computers was very well what the sales figures reflect. The Raspberry Pi is made possible through the HDMI connector and the graphics card which Full HD also often used as a media center. Over the years, many expansion modules and accessories have been developed by the community and industry.

Pro vs. Contra

  • proThe oldest / most successful single-board computer

  • proPower consumption

  • proCommunity

  • proApplications

  • proKodi / XBMC suitable

  • contraVery slow CPU

  • contraNetwork depends on the USB controller

  • contraUSB ports with very low power supply


Producer: Raspberry Pi gb


Status: End of Life

Price: 29,95 €

Technical Specifications - Released: 29.02.2012

SOC: Broadcom BCM2835

CPU Architecture: ARM11-76JZF-S

CPU Cores: 1

CPU Frequency: 700 MHz

GPU: Broadcom VideoCore IV
@ 250 MHz
1080p30 H.264/MPEG-4

RAM: 512 MB


RAM Speed: 400 MHz

Video output: HDMI, Composite Video


Audio output: 3.5 mm jack, HDMI

USB: 2 x USB 2.0


Ethernet: 10/100 MBit/s

Wifi: -

Bluetooth: -

GPIO: 26 Pin

Storage: SD

Power: 1.0A @ 5V - Micro-USB

Power idle: -

Power max: -

Dimension: 92.3 x 64 x 21.4 mm

Weight: 40 g

Operatingsystem: Raspian