UP Board with Kodi as Mediaplayer Box Project

It was simply a question of time till a single-board computer at form factor of Raspberry Pi B+/2/3 with Intel Atom CPU was published. The first is the UP Board with the Intel Core Atom Processor x5-Z8350 - Technical specifications. Price is from 100 € depending on configuration incl. Tax plus shipping. www.up-board.org / www.up-shop.org

Unlike the Raspberry Pi Mediaplayer Box from the year 2014, the 2016 UP Board version is compact, because now no separate USB hub is required to power the hard drive. All connected devices could be powered via the 4A @ 5V power supply. The UP Board is faster and better equipped than comparable single-board computers, so it has a full Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0 mirco-b port. This UP Board Mediaplayer Box version can be used as mini NAS/Server too. I use again my self-created OpenDisplayCase. In the following you can see pictures from the UP board (beta) from all directions:

UP Board Mediaplayer Box - OpenDisplayCase - Left


UP Board Mediaplayer Box - OpenDisplayCase - Top


UP Board Mediaplayer Box - OpenDisplayCase - Bottom


UP Board Mediaplayer Box - OpenDisplayCase - Right


Used Hardware and Accessories

The UP board has no HDMI CEC! / The hard drive should be powered on the USB 2.0 port.




There is no HDMI CEC available, we still need a Rii i8 mini keyboard (Price: ) or FLIRC (Price: 40,96 €).

Software used: Kodi & KodiDisplayInfo

Installation Instructions:

UP Board + Ubilinux-3.0
TFT Display + Kodi Media Center



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  • icon_user

    30.01.2017 19:54 - Dave

    Looks good! Will the extra display also work with Kodi running on Ubuntu?

  • icon_user

    16.09.2016 06:06 - Patrice

    Very nice work. I want to now if it is possible to connect it to a big tv like a 40" screen ?

  • icon_user

    17.09.2016 07:10 - Björn

    Naturally! It is a normal HDMI port so you can connect it to any screen / TV with different sizes.

    Under "Software used" you can see demo pictures, TV be photographed very badly compact. :)

  • icon_user

    17.06.2016 07:07 - John

    You have put together a very interesting set of hardware here. How did you ported the tft drivers to x86 Linux?.

  • icon_user

    17.06.2016 18:28 - Björn

    The FBTFT drivers are in the Linux kernel staging tree.

    The remaining optimizations of SPI / GPIO etc. has made Emutex for ubilinux™ 3.0.

  • icon_user

    18.06.2016 08:15 - John

    The touchpanel is operative too?. Is there an opaque version of the case?

  • icon_user

    18.06.2016 17:50 - Björn

    I have not tried the touch.

    Currently there is only the transparent version of the case.