OpenDisplayCase - Single-board computer case Plexiglass®

Single-board computer without casing are sold standardly. Community or industry have developed casing forms out of most different material like paper, wood, aluminium and Plexiglass®. Often are these cases adjusted for a model of Paspberry Pi.
OpenDisplayCase works here:


Different single-board computers with similar GPIO positioning can be mounted on the base plate, also 2.5" hard disks (SSD/HDD).

Base with SSD 2.5" mount
Addon for HDD 2.5"


Special front panels have been developed for four TFT displays:

Watterott RPi-Display B+ 2.8"
Adafruit PiTFT 3.5"
TinyLCD 3.5"
Watterott RPi-Display B 2.8"

Construction manual

The installation of OpenDisplayCase Base with SSD 2.5" mount and the expansion modules is documented at the following page:

Construction manual

Features of OpenDisplayCase:

  • proCase out of 3mm clear Plexiglas® 125x90mm

  • proStable stand

  • proStackable and expandable

  • proShort/angled USB wire disappear into the case

  • proOptimal cooling of hardware, because it`s open

  • proSuitable for 2.5" hard disks (SSD / HDD)

News about OpenDisplayCase:

Raspberry Pi Form factor

2017 have come out some single-board computers constructed in the form factor of the Raspberry Pi. These boards are automatically compatible with the OpenDisplayCase

WD PiDrive 314GB

On March 14 2016 Western Digital presented the PiDrive 314GB with USB port in 2.5" format for the Raspberry Pi. This hard disk is compatible with the: OpenDisplayCase.

MinnowBoard Turbot

Since 01.09.2016 the MinnowBoard Turbot / Max can be mounted on the OpenDisplayCase Base. OpenDisplayCase.

Image Gallery:

OpenDisplayCase with Raspberry Pi B+ and NeoSec TinyLCD 3.5 inch

Raspberry Pi B+/2 B
NeoSec TinyLCD 3.5"

OpenDisplayCase with Raspberry Pi 2 and Adafruit PiTFT 3.5 inch

Raspberry Pi 2
Adafruit PiTFT 3.5"

OpenDisplayCase with Banana Pro and Watterott RPi-Display 2.8 inch B+

Banana Pro
Watterott RPi-Display 2.8" B+

OpenDisplayCase with Raspberry Pi B and Watterott RPi-Display 2.8 inch A/B

Raspberry Pi B
Watterott RPi-Display 2.8" A/B

OpenDisplayCase with 2.5" SSD

2.5" Solid State Drives (SSD)

OpenDisplayCase with 2.5" HDD hard disk

2.5" Hard Disk Drives (HDD)

OpenDisplayCase with PiHub USB 2.0

PiHub USB 2.0

OpenDisplayCase with Raspiado USB 2.0

Raspiado USB 2.0

*1) Requires extra board mounting hardware (screws & spacers)

Mediaplayer Box with OpenDisplayCase

Create your own MediaPlayer Box with OpenDisplayCase and additional hardware/software.

Raspberry Pi - Mediaplayer Box

UP Board - Mediaplayer Box

MinnowBoard Turbot - Mediaplayer Box

Info: TFT display vs. single-board computer-hardware compatibility

Not every TFT display fits for every single-board computer!

If the TFT display fits depends – for one thing – on the used GPIO Header (Female Header) [female header]. Here versions exist with 9 mm and 19 mm and if it is adjusted for 2x13 or 2x20. Also matters the design height on the single-board computer.


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