MinnowBoard Turbot as a small server or with Kodi as a Mediaplayer box

If you look at the market of single-board computer, you find often only devices with ARM Processor. After a news in August 2015 on CNXSoft - MinnowBoard Turbot, I found a device with x86 hardware. It has approximately the size in Pico-ITX format – further recherché for MinnowBoard presents: much ports USB 3.0 and SATA, extension-board (Lure) and a very good documentation. The price is a little higher and you get the MinnowBoard Board only from America what the price of postage / duty / taxes increased again. Since July 2016 you can buy the MinnowBoard Turbot in Germany.

The MinnowBoard Turbot was improved by ADI Engineering, Inc. and is completely compatible with the forerunner modell MinnowBoard Max and it has therefore the same size and ports or their positions on the board. Only an Intel Atom E3826 dual core 1.46 GHz with integrated Intel HD Graphics and 2 GB Ram is used.

Since 01.09.2016 the MinnowBoard Turbot can be mounted on the OpenDisplayCase Base. During planning & implementation it was ensured that the SATA and USB cables disappear into the case. So a small beautiful data server was created.

MinnowBoard Turbot with SSD

MinnowBoard Turbot with HDD

Used Hardware and Accessories





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