Raspberry Pi with Kodi as Mediaplayer Box Project

The planning of the here shown Mediaplayer Box began in February 2014. Raspberry Pi B was presented at this time in a lot of professional articles, where different fields of applications were listed. One of these was the application for mediacenter with XBMC (today KODI). The idea, to administrate the lot of films, was planned for a long time and so were different ideas and procedures tested.

The more hardware was used or was connected, the more the cable clutter at the TV grows. With the development of OpenDisplayCase in April 2014 for another project, the hole scheduled hardware was implemented into a compact casing incl. data storage and wire. The wire for HDMI, electricity and network can be laid down bundled left/ right.

Due to the modular design, individual components can be easily exchanged. For example, the Raspberry Pi has been replaced by the current version.

Raspberry Pi Mediaplayer Box - OpenDisplayCase - Case
Raspberry Pi Mediaplayer Box - OpenDisplayCase - Display
Raspberry Pi Mediaplayer Box - OpenDisplayCase - Hard disk
Raspberry Pi Mediaplayer Box - OpenDisplayCase - Left


Raspberry Pi Mediaplayer Box - OpenDisplayCase - Right


Raspberry Pi Mediaplayer Box - OpenDisplayCase - Top


Raspberry Pi Mediaplayer Box - OpenDisplayCase - Bottom


Used Hardware and Accessories




Perhaps a Rii i8 mini keyboard (Price: 16,99 €) or FLIRC USB (2nd Gen) (Preis: 25,28 €) is required, if HDMI CEC doesn’t work.

Info hardware

USB-Hub: the PiHub USB 2.0 3A was used because of the limited power supply of the USB-ports on the Raspberry Pi B. The PiHub provides electricity to Raspberry Pi and harddisk. Alternatively, a Official 5V 2.5A Power Adapter (Price: 16,90 €) could be used today on a harddisk with the Raspberry Pi B+/2/3. Are several devices with high electricity consumption, an active USB Hub is necessary.

Harddisk: the more capaticity the thicker are the harddisk - at 2 TB is this at 15 mm, the little size lies at 9.5 mm. The harddisk from Western Digital are backward compatible to USB 2.0, whereas the USB 2.0 Port maximal 500mA supplies and other harddisk need more electricity at the start running.

CEC control features: not every HDMI-wire has this Pin 13 or the TV doesn’t support. Also you have both, it could be possible that it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t work. Here should be used a USB wireless remote control or the FLIC-receiver


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  • icon_user

    14.12.2016 18:45 - Xmoki

    Where can i buy the case accessories? watterott.com only has the opendisplaycase for screen 3.5" available, where can i find the others?

  • icon_user

    15.12.2016 10:49 - Björn

    Hi, last week the last major parts were sold. I have already asked when new stock is created.

  • icon_user

    06.09.2016 04:18 - Matthew

    I would like to make one, but I'm having some problems using the online ordering form on watterrott.com. My order doesn't seem to go through.

  • icon_user

    17.05.2016 18:52 - Bhang

    Anybody build one?

    This is exactly what i wanted to build myself, only thing i wanted mine to do is to use the touchscreen to control the ui

  • icon_user

    19.05.2016 21:31 - Björn

    Sure, i have built more than one.

    On my last test about a year ago, the touch function on the small screen was not available, after I started KodiDisplayInfo and Kodi.